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About First Call Claim

For over 25 years, First Call Claim has helped domestic and commercial clients receive the compensation that they are entitled to. We have handled countless insurance claims for all kinds of property damage including fire, smoke, storm, flood, oil spills, burst pipes, fallen trees, subsidence, theft, and more.

As expert loss assessors we know how the claim process works and develops. We work with many different insurance companies on a daily basis and we have a deep understanding of how their policies work. Claiming through an insurance company can be very stressful, confusing and time consuming process. First Call Claim we will deal with your insurance company and their Loss Adjusters on your behalf to help guarantee a successful beneficial outcome. We will keep you informed of all progress and updates with regards to your insurance claim.

Trust the expert and experienced team at First Call Claim with your insurance claim and we will get you the very best possible settlement within the terms of your insurance policy.


For the very best Settlement and Outcome from your Insurance Claim contact First Call Claim

What We Do

Once we have reviewed your case, we will present you with a breakdown of your losses and a breakdown of your costs. Depending on the size of the claim, our costs can be negotiable. We clearly explain all aspects of the claim leaving no doubt as to what's going on, and we will always keep you informed of our negotiations with the insurance company's loss adjusters.

We work with trusted, reliable contractors (plumbers, electricians etc.) who provide us with detailed reports, documenting any information we may need regarding the damage caused to your property. We also work with professionals such as architects, structural engineers etc., who help us to compose a complete report.

At First Call Claim we use our decades of industry knowledge and expertise to save you time, money and stress, and ensure that you are awarded everything the full compensation that you are entitled to. We offer professional support, advice, and guidance during every step of the process.

A free first consultation to examine facts and policy to see if there is a claim
We photograph all damage
We report the claim to the insurance company and give precise details of what caused damage
We meet with insurance company representative (Loss Adjuster) on site and liaise with him/her throughout claim
We assist in filling in claim forms
We work solely for our client and represent our client’s interests while advising our client of the status of the claim at all times
We carry out a full inspection, writing up a full report on cause
We make final negotiations with Loss Adjuster and will never accept any settlement without clients consent
We list and quantify all damage and present it in a Bill of Quantities from (Jargon for organised schedule of documenting, quantifying and pricing)

Hear From Our Customers

"I am delighted to be sending on your cheque in settlement of your account. I am extremely grateful for all the work you did for me.
Dealing with the Insurance Company on my own was definitely a bad decision as they told me I had no claim, whatsoever, and said that the storm damage was a Builders fault.
With First Call Claim involved, my claim with Insurance Company was indeed storm damage and I agreed on a generous settlement.
I was very glad to have made your acquaintance."

Matthew McCluskey, Fedamore


Contact First Call Claim for more information on our Loss Assessment & Insurance Claim services

First Call Claim – FAQs

How much compensation am I entitled to?

The exact amount of compensation will depend on your policy and the extent of the damage caused. Insurance companies are required to provide compensation that is equal to the value of your home before the damage or loss occurred so the settlement you receive will either be the amount required to conduct all repairs or for replacements.

What is the loss assessment process?

There are four main steps to any loss assessment and insurance claim.

First, we will analyse and quantify the potential loss by thoroughly examining the property damage.

We then compile and submit a report of the claim to your insurance company.

Next, we liaise and negotiate with the insurance company's loss adjusters in order to obtain an acceptable settlement.

Finally, we will ensure the issue of your settlement to your full satisfaction.

Who can avail of your services?

First Call Claim is available for any and all residential and commercial insurance claims in Limerick and the surrounding areas. No matter the cause of the loss or damage you can trust First Call Claim to get you the full settlement that you are entitled to.

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