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Burst Pipes

First Call Claim provides loss assessment and insurance claim assistance for homes that have been damage by burst pipes and water leaks.

Burst pipes are perhaps the most common cause of damage to homes and as such the most common insurance claims. Burst pipes mainly occur during winter months. During cold weather the water in underground, and overground, pipes can freeze and expand. This puts pressure on the pipes and can cause them to burst and explode. Water leaks from showers, taps, pipework, and appliances can cause damage at any time of the year. Whatever the cause of the water damage, it usually more serious than it may first appear. If ignored the water can cause structural problems, rot, mould and mildew growth, rust, and electrical issues.

At First Call Claim, we have over 25 years of experience with water damage and burst pipes insurance claims and have successfully negated settlements for countless clients. Our loss assessment team will accurately assess and quantify the extent of the water damage and loss occurred and present our findings to your insurance company on your behalf.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

A burst pipe in your home is a very stressful and overwhelming occurrence. This stress is not helped by the lengthy and complicated insurance claim process. First Call Claim has decades of experience assisting clients with their water damage and burst pipe insurance claims. Our expert team will accurately assess and quantify the extent of the damage and loss occurred. We will then present a detailed report and our findings to your insurance company in order to generate a fair settlement under your insurance policy.


If a Burst Pipe or Water Leak has Damaged your home contact First Call Claim for help with your Insurance Claim

Burst Pipes – FAQs

What am I covered for if a pipe bursts in my home?

This will depend on the conditions of your insurance policy. In most cases, your policy should cover the cost of locating the burst pipe, replacing or repairing the pipe, as well as repairing or replacing anything that the burst water caused damage to like floorboards and furniture for example.

Who should I call first if a pipe bursts?

In the event of a burst pipe you should call First Call Claim before calling your insurance company. As a loss assessor, we will survey the extent of the damage. We will compile accurate reports to submit with your insurance claim in order to maximise your compensation.

How can I get a fair settlement for my burst pipe claim?

Insurance companies and their loss adjusters will read their policies in their own favour and try to avoid paying compensation for burst pipe claims. First Call Claim is well aware of the different methods insurers use and we will negotiate with them and ensure that you receive the fair and full settlement that you are owed.

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