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Theft & Burglary

First Call Claim provides loss assessment and insurance claim assistance for all thefts, burglaries, and break-ins.

Every home and property is at risk of burglary and theft. A break-in is an extremely distressing event. There can be extensive damage caused as well as the theft of perhaps countless personal possessions such as jewellery, electronics, sentential items and family belongings. Sometimes the feeling of unease caused by the intrusion can be much worse than the actual loss of items. Unfortunately, insurance companies only cover the loss and damage and not for any emotional trauma or upset.

First Call Claim has over 25 years of experience and have assisted countless clients with their theft insurance claims. Our expert team will assess the loss and quantify the cost of replacing the stolen goods. We can minimise the impact of the break-in and burglary by helping you deal with your insurance company and ensure that you get the full compensation for your loss.

Burglary Insurance Claims

A burglary and theft in your home is an extremely overwhelming and distressing event. This is not helped by the complicated claims procedures. At First Call Claim, we have decades of experience assisting clients burglary insurance claims. Our loss assessment will assess the total value of the loss, from the break-in damage to the cost to replace stolen items. We will negotiate on your behalf in order to ensure that you receive the full compensation and settlement that you are owed.


If there has been a Theft, Burglary or Break In at your home contact First Call Claim for help with your Insurance Claim

Theft & Burglary – FAQs

What do I do if my home has been broken into?

In the event of a break the first thing you need to do I call the Guards to report the burglary. It is very important that you do not move or touch anything until the Guards arrive and take a statement. We recommend taking photographs of your home and the damage caused. Record the details of all emergency repair works and make a list of everything that as stolen.

Is it easy to process a burglary or theft insurance claim?

While theft is one of the most common reasons for insurance claims it can also be one of the most difficult to process. This is because it is difficult to prove exactly what items were stolen and the value of these items, particularly if you don't have the associated receipts. First Call Claim can help negotiate with the insurance company and loss adjusters as we have in-depth knowledge of the claims procedure?

Can I handle my theft insurance claim myself?

Absolutely you can complete the claim yourself and are under no obligation to hire the services of a loss assessor. However, it is not recommended. At First Call Claim we have years of industry knowledge and insurance claim experience, Our advice and support can be invaluable and can make the difference in the amount of compensation you will receive.

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