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  • fire damage claims
  • burst pipes claims
  • specialist claim
  • storm damage claim
  • flood damage claim
  • theft claim
  • business interuption

Our specialist areas

  • fire damage claim
  • flood damage claim
  • storm damage claim
  • oil leaks claim
  • theft claim
  • burst pipes claim
  • subsidence

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First Call Claim

Public Loss Assessor

We Sort Your Claim From Start to Finish

First Call Claim has been successfully handling insurance claims for 25 years, securing the best possible settlement for our clients. Insurance companies employ loss adjusters who work to protect the company’s interests by paying you very little or nothing at all. By approaching these proceedings with First Call Claim at your side, you are ensuring you receive a favourable settlement, as we work for you to produce the best outcome.

What We Do

☑ Once we have reviewed your case, we will present you with a breakdown of your losses and a breakdown of your costs. Depending on the size of the claim, our costs can be negotiable. We clearly explain all aspects of the claim leaving no doubt as to what’s going on, and we will always keep you informed of our negotiations with the insurance company’s loss adjustors.

☑ We work with trusted, reliable contractors (plumbers, electricians etc.) who provide us with detailed reports, documenting any information we may need regarding the damage caused to your property. We also work with professionals such as architects, structural engineers etc. who help us to compose a complete report.

As we deal regularly with loss adjusting companies we have formed a professional yet friendly working relationship with them.

Robert Fox t/a First Call Claim is regulated by the Central bank of Ireland.


"I had tiles blown off my roof during a storm. Insurance Company refused to pay out, stating that damage was old damage and not related to storm at all.
First Call Claim took on my case, dealt with Insurance Company and their Representative and secured a final settlement for me.
I have no hesitation in recommending First Call Claim to carry out a claim for anyone."

Joseph South, Caherdavin, Limerick


"I am delighted to be sending on your cheque in settlement of your account. I am extremely grateful for all the work you did for me.
Dealing with the Insurance Company on my own was definitely a bad decision as they told me I had no claim, whatsoever, and said that the storm damage was a Builders fault.
With First Call Claim involved, my claim with Insurance Company was indeed storm damage and I agreed on a generous settlement.
I was very glad to have made your acquaintance."

Matthew McCluskey, Fedamore


"I am writing this letter as a mark of gratitude to yourself in successfully completing a recent claim I had at my rented house in Co. Clare. I live in England and was told of that horrible night when the water pipes burst and destroyed my house.
I was given your name by a friend who saw your advertisement in the local paper and you were a blessing in disguise. You dealt with my claim in a very competent and professional way. You successfully secured a substantial settlement for me and my family.
I would recommend you and First Call Claim to my friends and clients and anyone that wants a claim sorted in their favour."

Michael McInerney, Kenilworth, London W34


"When we suffered the worst possible nightmare in our lives, when the Shannon river flooded our house in Clonlara, we were delighted to be given your name to investigate and look after our claim.
This was a most traumatic time for me and my family. You professionally steered us in the right direction, successfully negotiated our claim to its maximum and made sure we were paid up as quickly as possible.
I would highly recommend you and First Call Claim to anyone that has a claim to be sorted."

Mary Martin, Clonlara

A free first consultation to examine facts and policy to see if there is a claim.

We photograph all damage.

We report claim to Insurance Co. and give precise details of what caused damage.

We meet with Insurance Co. Representative (Loss Adjuster) on site and liaise with him/her throughout claim.

We assist in filling in claim form.

We work solely for our client and represent our client’s interests while advising our client of the status of the claim at all times.

We carry out a full inspection, writing up a full report on cause.

We make final negotiations with Loss Adjuster and will never accept any settlement without clients consent.

We list and quantify all damage and present it in a Bill of Quantities from (Jargon for organised schedule of documenting, quantifying and pricing).

To get the best possible settlement from your insurance claim give First Call Claim a call.