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If your home or business property has suffered damage then contact First Call Claim for help with your insurance claim

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First Call Claim is a professional and experienced insurance loss assessor, based in Co. Limerick. We specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial property damage and loss assessments. We have been successfully handling insurance claims for over 25 years, securing the best possible settlement for our clients.

Insurance companies employ loss adjusters who work to protect the company's interests and maximise their bottom line by paying you very little or nothing at all. With First Call Claim at your side, the claims procedure is a much less complicated and overwhelming process. Our clients' needs are our number one priority and we work to maximise the compensation you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

If your home or business property has suffered from damage or a loss then call First Call Claim as soon as possible to carry out an accurate and in-depth loss assessment and start the claims process.

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Loss Assessors – FAQs

  • What is a loss assessor?

    A loss assessor works on behalf of an insurance policyholder or claimant. When a loss or damage occurs, the assessor will quantify the amount of money required to either repair or replace the items and then present the findings to the insurance company. A loss assessor can be called as soon as the loss or damage occurs or retroactively, following the refusal of a claim by an insurance company.

  • What is the difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster?

    A loss assessor works on behalf of the policyholder, has your best interest in mind, and will try to maximise any compensation or payment owed. A loss adjuster works for the insurance company and investigates the claim with the insurer's best interests in mind.

  • When should I call a loss assessor?

    You should call a loss assessor as soon as possible after the damage or loss occurs. A quick loss assessment allows for a more accurate investigation. No matter the kind of damage that has occurred (fire, smoke, storm, oil spill, fallen tree, burst pipe, etc.) call First Call Claim immediately.