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Commercial Fire Damage

First Call Claim provide insurance claim assistance and loss assessments for business and commercial properties that have been damaged in a fire.

In addition to the superficial and structural damage to the property, a business will also have to deal with the loss of stock and equipment. There is the added factor of employees and what could happen to their jobs. If a fire is extreme you may have to close your business while repair works are carried out posing a risk to your income, profits, and your employees' roles. That is why it's essential for all business and commercial fire insurance claims to be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At First Call Claim, we have over 25 years of experience with commercial fire insurance claims and have successfully negotiated compensation no matter the cause of the fire. Our expert team will effectively and accurately assess the damage caused by the fire and quantify the total loss occurred with regards to damage and loss of earnings. We will then negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf in order to maximise your compensation in line with your policy.

Business Fire Insurance Claims

A fire in your business property is a very stressful and overwhelming occurrence. This stress is not helped by the lengthy and complicated insurance claim process. First Call Claim has decades of experience assisting clients with their fire insurance claims. Our loss assessment team with quantify the loss and damage that has occurred and will work on your behalf to generate a quick claims procedure and the full settlement that you are owed.


If your Commercial Property has been Damaged by a Fire contact First Call Claim for help with your Insurance Claim

Commercial Fire Damage – FAQs

How long will a business fire insurance claim take?

This will vary depending on the insurance company, the extent of the damage, if employees are pout of work and other complicating factors. On average, a commercial fire insurance claim can take between 3-6 months to be completed and a settlement to be received.

A fire happened in my shop yesterday. What should I do first?

We always recommend calling First Call Claim before calling your insurance company. As a loss assessor, we will survey the damage caused to your premises and compile accurate reports and then contact your insurance company to report the claim and provide an estimate for compensation alongside our findings.

How can I get a fair settlement for my business fire claim?

Insurance companies and their loss adjusters will read their policies in their own favour to maximise their bottom line. First Call Claim is well aware of insurance companies' responsibilities and their claims procedures, particularly when it comes to commercial clients. We will ensure that you receive the fair and full settlement that you are owed.

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