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Flood Damage

At First Call Claim we provide loss assessments and insurance claim assistance for homes that have been damaged by a flood.

Damage caused by a flood can range from minimal to extensive. Floods mainly cause damage to furniture, appliances, and floors of low-level rooms and basements. Floods can cause both structural and superficial damage that will need to be repaired. Sometimes, the extent of the damage is not obvious at first and only becomes clear following an in-depth and thorough survey and loss assessment.

First Call Claim has over 25 years of experience with flood insurance claims and we have negotiated countless successful settlements for our clients. Our loss assessment team will accurately assess and quantify the extent of the damage and loss occurred. We will then present a detailed report and our findings to your insurance company in order to generate your settlement and ensure that your receive the full compensation that you are entilted to.

Flood Insurance Claims

It can be difficult to know where to begin when a flood has damaged your home and you may even need to move out while repairs take place. The claims procedure can be complicated and often causes unneeded stress. At First Call Claim, we have decades of experience assisting clients with flood damage claims. Our expert team will carry out an in-depth survey and quantify the loss and the cost for all repairs and replacements. We will negotiate on your behalf in order to maximise your entitlement and compensation in line with your insurance policy.


If your home has been Damaged by a Flood contact First Call Claim for help with your Insurance Claim

Flood Damage – FAQs

Does my home insurance policy cover flooding?

The majority of home insurance policies will cover damage caused by a flood. However, if you live in an area that floods regularly then you may not be covered. If you are unsure if you are covered make sure you read your policy carefully and contact First Call Claim and we can offer advice and assist with your flood damage insurance claim.

Who should I call after a flood?

In the event of a flood you should call First Call Claim immediately. As a loss assessor, we will survey the extent of the damage and then get in touch with your insurance company on your behalf. We will compile accurate reports to submit with your insurance claim in order to maximise your compensation.

How can I get a fair settlement for my flood damage claim?

Insurance companies and their loss adjusters will read their policies in their own favour and try to avoid paying compensation for flood claims. First Call Claim is well aware of the different methods insurers use. Our team will negotiate with them and ensure that you receive the fair and full settlement that you are entitled to.

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