Commercial Claim Assessment

If you have experienced damage to your business premises or have otherwise suffered a loss that is covered under your insurance policy, First Call Claim can assist you in getting the most out of your insurance claim. It is important for your business to recover losses as soon as possible in order to resume normal business functions and First Call Claim can assist you in returning to normal business operations. We carefully inspect all aspects of the claim, working with trusted contractors and professionals to compile the necessary documentation for you to receive your full entitlement.

We have a proven track record in assisting with claims involving:

☑ Fire Damage
☑ Storm Damage

☑ Flood Damage
☑ Theft

☑ Business Interruption
☑ And More

Make our claims assessors your First Call when you need to make an insurance claim.

A free first consultation to examine facts and policy to see if there is a claim.

We photograph all damage.

We report claim to Insurance Co. and give precise details of what caused damage.

We meet with Insurance Co. Representative (Loss Adjuster) on site and liaise with him/her throughout claim.

We assist in filling in claim form.

We work solely for our client and represent our client’s interests while advising our client of the status of the claim at all times.

We carry out a full inspection, writing up a full report on cause.

We make final negotiations with Loss Adjuster and will never accept any settlement without clients consent.

We list and quantify all damage and present it in a Bill of Quantities from (Jargon for organised schedule of documenting, quantifying and pricing).

To get the best possible settlement from your insurance claim give First Call Claim a call.